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How to protect the led display from rain inside?

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China Melton optoelectronics co., LTD certification
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lm very happy with packing and order. It was done and ready on time. Received order as expected. Will do business again with Penny and Anheer. They answered all my questions as fast as possible. P3 screen looks absolutely stunning. They did exactly as l asked the. I am very happy and they helped me set it up using TeamViewer. Thank you again Anheer


La calidad es estable y el servicio es agradable. Somos una empresa de alquiler y venderemos más paneles a personas de Melton.

—— Carls

P10 في الهواء الطلق كامل اللون أدى العرض هو منتجنا الرئيسي في عام 2016 ، وأنه يجلب الكثير من الطلبات بالنسبة لي. نحن سعداء جدا وأيضا عملائنا.

—— Alfrode

Sempre relacionamento de longo prazo com a empresa MELTON OPTO, e de alta qualidade, bom serviço 24 horas, 7 dias, muito obrigado.Mr Liao

—— Ali

Felice di costruire una cooperazione a lungo termine con Melton, sono professionisti e responsabili, abbiamo fiducia in loro.

—— Refech

The double side led screen P16 effect is so perfect,i come to Melton factory and see them adjusting the led screen,they help me adjust and teach me.

—— Tal

Glad to cooperate with Melton Opto again,they are patient to answer each question.High quality,best service.

—— Ricardo

We are manufacturing bus displays with your LED modules, and so far there is no problems.

—— Sergo

We did a Rental P10 SMD 3528 led display for our National theatre project, The display is running well, no any blind lamp, the video is so clear.

—— Ari

옥외 광고 led 디스플레이 화면은 우리 나라에서 인기가 높습니다. P10, P8 DIP는 앞으로 큰 박수를 보게 될 것입니다. 신뢰 MELTON은 혜택을 공유 할 것입니다.

—— Lee Hans

Working with such a professional team is very comfortable.High quality and nice service are always equally done. I am happy to the LONG TERM relations


Yüksek Kaliteli, Yaşam Süresi Hizmeti her zaman MELTON OPTO'yu takip eder, Herhangi bir sorun zamanında çözülür.

—— Axcun

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How to protect the led display from rain inside?

    Led display screen body water how to deal with? Recently, heavy rain again and again in Guangdong Province, for the constant frequency of such cases, is here for you to explain in detail about the situation encountered the correct approach:
   With the fastest speed with a fan or other tools, the water led screen display screen completely dry.
Will be completely dried after the screen body power aging, the specific steps are as follows:
A, the brightness (all white) adjusted to 10%, power aging 8-12 hours.
B, the brightness (all white) adjusted to 30%, power aging 12 hours.
C, the brightness (all white) adjusted to 60%, power aging 12-24 hours.
D, the brightness (all white) adjusted to 80%, power aging 12-24 hours.
E, the brightness (all white) adjusted to 100%, power aging 8-12 hours.
    Complete the above steps, led display screen body will basically return to normal;
But in the process also need to pay attention to the following points:
Found in the warehouse water or led display screen body water, it should be an emergency to deal with, do not delay time.
    The organization of the water led display screen body for drying treatment.
Do not have to enter the water led screen screen body into the air box, so it is easy to naked LED lights broken.
Water in the warehouse, the air box may have to water, and should be exposed to all the air box to prevent moisture in the box after the evaporation to the led display screen.
    All the water led display is not treated in time may affect the stability of the screen body more or less, in the emergency treatment process, the screen body power may occur after the death of the phenomenon of death, please observe the boss.
   All the water led screen display screen in the air box. More than 72 hours or more, the screen body is basically no repair value, please be treated with caution.

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